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README NOTE: This blog serves only as a sneak preview poser, promotion teaser contents, welcome page, and basic free photo and video previews. There is very little FREE content. We are tiny niche style community/hobbyist/amateur guild. Membership is simplified into merely a single-time-payment for unlimited lifetime access. Access HD content, photo sets, videos, bonus, how-to, tutorials, art composition. Art acting, short film.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guess what happens to Lana Sim first bondage

Guess what happens to Lana Sim first bondage. Observe the photo and guess.

Singaporean girls indulge in bondage - this is it

This is it. Some new viewers have asked. This is to clarify.
We feature Singaporean girls ïndulging in bondage. Bondage fantasies, rope play, blindfolds, gags. That's it. That is our focal point. We padded in some bonus materials where we are unable to get the photo sessions going.

We want a fair system that is able to sustain our existence, we are not some big company with dozens of staff and studios. We operate independently such as indie production house that does art skits. So we do want to be viewed as doing art albeit it is bondage art, yet it toes the line of safety limitations, ie. no nudity, no explicit/XXX materials.

Bonus materials are fun additions for all to enjoy.

And joining the membership is not a king's ransom. It is calculated at a fair value so that sincere honest members who have the same values as above (bondage girls but not explicit/XXX content) will be gaining and fulfilling their fantasies.

Each photo shoot and video shoot are rather open ended. It is amateur-ish too. Sometimes it turns out great, lots of sexy images. Sometimes there is poor lighting. Sometimes the talent (she could be defined as talent, model, artist, actress, student, office girl....), may be so into it. Then there are some who aren't. And best of all, we capture all those emotions. Some are feeling "the ropes are feeling hmm... interesting".

At times, we present a simple storyboard, like an abstract art of being captured (literally!). So depends on the interpretation of the talent, we get new results again. Many times, the talent suddenly cancels for various reasons.

Some came and then felt an urgency to leave (urgh?!) we might have got off on the wrong theme. But it is still good. We try and she tried or almost. Perhaps another time??

Organising location, equipment, battery, tripod, lighting, editing. Keeping content safely encrypted for members. And keep trying to setup new session.

Here is one of our talent, Lana Sim welcoming you to perhaps untie her. (or perhaps tie her?!) If you have any questions about joining, feel free to write us in the Facebook page, PM.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Translate and win

Translate the Japanese text in the photo below and win. Send entries to the Facebook page (PM).

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free download video self bondage girl

Free download videos, previews, shorts are available in the blog pages. Join membership to gain further access to better videos, higher quality, longer videos, complete tutorials, roleplaying bondage videos, image gallery, short stories, meetups and more.